Organic Signatures was created to bring you ultra-soft, elevated basics that are kinder to the planet and its people.

Our Materials

Our clothing is made mainly with organic cotton that’s certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS evaluates the processing and manufacturing of textiles against strict ecological and social standards.

GOTS-certified textiles must be made with at least 95% organic fibers and use approved dyes. Any chemical inputs are evaluated for toxicity and biodegradability, and all wastewater must be treated.

A handful of our products are also made with a blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton. The bamboo is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning that it comes from responsible forest. The water used in production is closed-loop.

The waistbands of our products are also certified under STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means they contain no harmful chemicals.

Our Labor Practices

The workers making Organic Signatures pieces are paid 30-50% above the living wage. They work in safe conditions, there is no child or forced labor, and they work reasonable hours.

GOTS-certified textiles must adhere to other requirements on working and social conditions, including:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • There is freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • No discrimination is practiced
  • No harassment and violence
  • No precarious employment is provided
  • Protections for migrant workers are enforced

There are many other requirements GOTS-certified textiles must meet. Our GOTS registration number is OT-030628, and you can find us in the GOTS database and learn more about GOTS standards on their website. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions!

Our Supply Chain

We trace our supply chain back to where our organic cotton is farmed.

The journey of an Organic Signatures piece begins in Ahmedabad, India or Khargone, India on one of these organic cotton farms. India is known for its high-quality organic cotton, and it actually produces 51% of the world’s organic cotton!

From there, the cotton is ginned and spun in Tirupur, India and Dindigul, India. The material is dyed and finished in Erode, India before it goes to our finished product factory in Tirupur, India.

Then, your Organic Signatures pieces arrive in Brooklyn, New York for distribution. We package your orders with 100% recycled paper envelopes.