7 Incredible Benefits Of Organic Cotton Underwear For Men


If you’re on a hunt for some great underwear, you might feel overwhelmed by the endless styles, colors, and fabrics available on the market.

That said, your underwear is the closest garment on your skin - it touches the most sensitive parts of your body - and for that reason it’s important to be selective when it comes to your purchase.

Organic cotton underwear is the perfect investment that you should consider not just for yourself but also for the planet.

So, what makes organic cotton underwear superior to all others and why should you add it to your wardrobe staples? There are plenty of good reasons but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is generally defined as cotton that is grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides or GMOs.

Less than 1% of cotton grown is organic while the rest is grown with chemically-intensive methods.

Now let’s look at the perks of having underwear made from organic cotton.

5 Benefits of Organic Cotton Underwear

1.     Better for the Environment

Organic cotton is much better for the environment because it avoids the use of pesticides and fertilizers which contaminate soil, water and other vegetation, as well as killing birds, fish and beneficial insects. Instead, it utilizes natural methods that improve soil health and increase the richness of biodiversity.

But that’s not all, according to Textile Exchange organic cotton uses 91% less water and releases 46% less carbon emissions compared to regular cotton - a win for the planet!


  1. Certified organic

While it’s easily for brands to claim to use ‘organic’ cotton, a GOTS certification provides credibility and assures consumers that the material is reducing the harm on the planet, and on people.
The GOTS certification screening process is incredibly thorough and covers all aspects of manufacturing, processing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of the material to ensure the product meets high environmental standards. It also looks at worker’s issues such as fair pay and workplace discrimination.

  1. Better for your health

Think about it: All of those toxic chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton might end up in the fabric and close to your skin.

On top of that,  other chemicals are usually added to non-organic fabrics during manufacturing like Formaldehyde, per fluorinated chemical (PFC), nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE), p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) which have been linked to health issues like allergies, hormonal disruption and cancer.

Fortunately, organic cotton is toxin free and won’t put your health at risk.

4.     Breathable

Many underwear brands make their products from synthetic materials, which can trap moisture and encourage all kinds of bacteria around your nether regions. Not to mention the annoying itchiness!

Organic cotton's absorbent properties allow it to wick moisture away from your body and allow air to circulate through the weave of the fabric. This creates an all-natural system allowing heat to escape from your body quickly, keeping you cool and itch-free.

  1. Comfortable

The last thing you want is for underwear to make you feel uncomfortable when you’re going about your day. One major reason organic cotton is ideal for underwear is that it’s super soft. That’s because organic cotton is handpicked rather than machine picked, which preserves the quality and length of the fibers and leads to a softer material.

The manufacture of organic cotton also avoids the use of harsh chemicals that can strip the softness of the material. 

mountain range with trees

6.     Better for farmers and workers

Who made my clothes?” is a key question we are encouraged to ask these days in order to address the poor working conditions of farmers and garment workers, especially in developing countries. Every year, millions of cotton farmers die from unintentional pesticide poisoning as a result of  conventional cotton farming.

Organic cotton farmers and workers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals which promotes safe work & sustainable livelihoods.


7.     Supports Ethical Companies

If a company goes through the effort of sourcing and using organic cotton in the making of their undergarments, there’s a pretty good chance they’re doing a lot of other things right for the planet.

As a consumer, you have the power to influence brands and manufacturers and by

purchasing underwear from ethical brands, you’re giving the industry an incentive to take such positive actions as well.


At Organic Signatures we believe in providing quality clothing for our customers while looking out for the planet.  That’s why our entire underwear collection is made with 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton

Why you should wear Organic Signatures’ Underwear

  • Mind-blowingly soft - they’ll feel gentle and luxurious on your skin.
  • Breathable - thanks to the wonderful qualities of  organic cotton.
  • High-quality - they’ll last a long time before you think of replacing them.
  • Shrink-resistant – no need to worry about the laundry process.
  • Stylish and functional - they have snug fit, low rise waist, and a supremely functional vertical fly.
  • Variety – Whether you’re a boxer shorts or briefs kind of guy, Organic Signatures has something for you.

With these amazing qualities in underwear, what more can a man you ask for?

When you choose Organic Signature underwear you’re not only getting the best, you’re also encouraging sustainability through the fashion value chain. Plus you’ll also be giving back because currently our 10% goes to The Neshama Foundation.

The Neshama Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support to children’s charities. They give 100% of donations to charities that provide support for disadvantaged children.

How to Take Care of Your Organic Signature Underwear

So you’ve purchased several pairs of Organic Signature boxer shorts and briefs? Here’s a quick guide on how you should care for them at home.

  • Washing

Machine-wash your organic cotton underwear in a normal wash cycle setting and at a low temperature (max. 30°C), or cold. Approximately 75% of the energy needed in a load of laundry goes to heating water, so washing in cold is a great way to reduce environmental impact. It also lowers the risk of shrinkage and color fading.

We also recommend you use a gentle eco-friendly laundry detergent and avoid harsh cleaners like bleachas they can damage the fabric. To further protect your organic cotton underwear, always wash them inside out and with similar colors.

  • Drying

The best way to dry organic cotton is line drying because it reduces wrinkles and has the lowest carbon footprint.  However, if you’re using a dryer, we recommend to dry on medium heat. 

  • Ironing

Organic cotton is not pretreated and is not suitable for high heats like regular cotton. Gently shaking out your organic cotton underwear while they are still damp is often enough to remove wrinkles naturally. You may also iron them at low to medium heat.

  • Storage

Organic cotton underwear should be stored in cool and dark spaces. If you need stored for longer periods, then make sure to unfold them frequently to avoid creases becoming permanent.

It’s a wrap!

You’ve learnt about the amazing benefits of Organic cotton underwear – how it’s made, how to care for them and most importantly, the positive impact they have on the world. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a pair today!

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